Why choose Cruelty Free Perfume?

Why choose Cruelty Free Perfume?

When I mention Cruelty Free Perfume I often find that some people are quite ignorant to the reason for my choice. They are totally oblivious to what is included in non-cruelty free perfumes so I thought I’d write a blog to outline some of the disgusting ingredients used by many producers. I’ve even found that some producers will claim that their product is not tested on animals however they have legally hired another company to carry out the testing. Or they may not be testing on animals but they will use ingredients that have been tested on animals by other companies.

We have all seen the perfumes which are labelled as “musk”. Have you ever wondered what “musk” is and where it comes from. Musk itself is taken from an animal, the male musk deer which are slaughtered particularly for their scent. In the hunt for the male of the species the female are often killed too which means the musk deer population is decreasing rapidly.

Musk is not a Cruelty Free Perfume

Sometimes companies interchange the word “musk” with civet or ambergris which are not really known to the consumer so they are overlooked. This is a clever tactic as it is almost like blinding the consumer with science.

If you see the word ‘civet’ listed in the ingredients then you will know that the ingredient is taken from the anal glands of the Civet Cat which is found in Africa. You may ask how do they get this ingredient and the answer is sickening, the cats are either killed and the glands removed or they are tortured as the secretion from the glands is scraped away. I ask myself who would want a perfume that they knew contained this ingredient as a fragrance?

Another “musk” ingredient is ambergris which is used to make the scent last a bit longer. This comes from the digestive system of the sperm whale and it is mostly collected from slaughtered sperm whales which again means the sperm whale population is decreasing.

Producers do not need to use these disgusting ingredients as there are many man made products out there that can be used as a substitute. So I’m asking you to think hard before you make your perfume purchase and look at the ingredients.